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A leaky faucet's constant drip is more than a nuisance; it's a plumbing issue that demands immediate attention. While a dripping faucet might seem minor, it wastes more water than you realize and can lead to bigger problems.

If your faucet leaks, won't turn on or off properly, doesn't regulate water temperature, or has any other issues, it's crucial to get help from a licensed plumber right away. At G.T. Campbell Plumbing, we provide comprehensive faucet plumbing services in Rochester and across Monroe County.

You might not think about your faucets until they malfunction, but they are essential fixtures in your home. That’s why you should trust only the best to care for them. At G.T. Campbell Plumbing, our expert plumbers handle all types of faucet services, including installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance.

Sink Repair - G.T. Campbell Plumbing

40 Years of experience

With years of experience, we can service all types of faucets, including:

  • Sink, tub, and shower faucets

  • Pre-rinse faucets

  • Automatic sensor and hands-free faucets

  • Pot filler faucets

  • Dip well faucets

  • Low-flow and water-conserving faucets

  • Hose bibs

  • Waste valves

  • Bedpan cleaner faucets

  • Vacuum breakers

  • Backflow preventers

  • Water shut-off valves


Whether you're installing a new faucet or repairing an existing one, trusting the professionals ensures the job is done right and your faucet will last for years. We use only top-quality parts and fixtures to guarantee trouble-free performance, and we back all our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

If you need faucet plumbing services in Rochester and the surrounding areas, call your trusted plumber at G.T. Campbell Plumbing.

If you need any plumbing services, give the G.T. Campbell Plumbing team a call. We're here to help!

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