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Sump Pump Installation

When you need sump pump installation in Rochester, trust the expertise of G.T. Campbell Plumbing. We'll begin by assisting you in selecting the unit that best suits your home. Sump pumps can be hard-wired into your electrical system or easily plugged into an electrical outlet. Most units also come with a battery backup to ensure they kick on when needed, even during power outages.

Sump Pump Repair - G.T. Campbell Plumbing


Imagine a sump pump as your basement or crawlspace's guardian against water intrusion. When water infiltrates these spaces, it collects in a designated pit, commonly known as the sump pit. Here's where the magic happens: equipped with a float switch, the sump pump springs into action as soon as water levels rise, efficiently pumping the water out and away from your home.

The beauty of a sump pump lies in its proactive approach—it only activates when water reaches a predetermined level in the pit. While most newer homes in Rochester come equipped with this essential tool, we strongly advise installing sump pumps in older homes as well. By doing so, you're not just safeguarding your property against potential water damage but investing in peace of mind for years to come.



A sump pump is the ideal solution to combat basement flooding and leaks. Installed in a sump pit, typically situated in the lowest area of your basement or crawl space, it efficiently and automatically removes water from your home.

It is crucial to select the right pump, properly sized for your space and capable of handling the task. Our technicians will guide you in choosing the perfect sump pump tailored to your home and specific requirements. With our professional sump pump installation services in Rochester, you can bid farewell to basement or crawl space flooding worries.

Whether you're considering your first sump pump or need to replace an existing one, rely on the expertise of the professionals at G.T. Campbell Plumbing. We proudly offer comprehensive sump pump installation, repair, and maintenance services in Rochester and throughout Monroe, Wayne, and Ontario County. For swift and budget-friendly sump pump installation in Rochester, contact your trusted plumber in Rochester, NY, today.

If your sump pump requires any plumbing services, reach out to the G.T. Campbell Plumbing team. We're here to lend a hand!

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